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Molecular Basis of Inheritance (Biology for NEET 2019)

Published 8 months ago



Name : Dr. Ashmeer Mallik


Subject : Biology

Qualification : MDS (Oral Medicine and Radiology)

Experience : 6 years



 Dr. Ashmeer Mallik, a Biology wizard with a dynamic persona needs no introduction. He is well equipped with the fundamentals and the advanced stuff of Biology with a unique teaching style and great oration skills. He has ability to bound the students during his lectures with creative examples & jokes that makes a subject funfilled. 


Molecular Basis of Inheritance (Biology for NEET 2019).

This is chapter from 12th class Unit VII Genetics and evolution which deals with gene transfer and manifestation in next generation. Most important topics to score well in NEET Exam from this chapter are DNA as genetic material, RNA, Replication, Transcription, Post Transcription modification, Translation, Operon concept and Human Genome Project. Last few years date depict on an average 3-4 questions are asked from this chapter. Every year overall weightage of this chapter is increasing as trends are shifting towards applied biology. Understand the theory and concepts through video at . For Exam pattern questions watch video at


Chapter Analysis



How to study for NEET 2019

  1. Study consistently every day without fail.
  2. Use mnemonics for memorizing facts.
  3. Do more of diagram based study which helps in better understanding of the topic.
  4. Revise on a regular basis
  5. Solve previous year and sample MCQ’s whenever time permits which will help to clear the concepts.


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