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Chapter-Wise Sample Papers


Question Paper and Video Solutions of JEE Main 2019 for Class 11th & 12th for aspirants preparing for 2019 Entrance exam. JEE Main Sample Papers (Mock test papers) will help to know the latest exam pattern & difficulty level of 2019 JEE Main question papers. Students can free download Answer Key pdf & watch Video Solutions from the Link.

New Chapters are updated every week on this page. You can download Sample Papers for free.




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JEE Main 2019 Chapter-Wise Sample Papers

It is not everybody’s cup of tea to clear the JEE Main as it is one of the most challenging entrance examinations in the country. Students who wish to become engineers in the future require taking this examination. By clearing the competitive exam, students get the chance to get admission in one of the most prestigious engineering institutes. For a bright future in engineering, getting a good score is absolutely necessary. Increasing number of students’ dream of becoming an engineer. This is the reason JEE Main is becoming more and more competitive. Only a selected few get the chance to live their dream.

For students, who want to be one of the few selected ones, going for JEE Main online preparation will go a long way. Online courses are becoming more and more popular these days. It is because of the convenience it has to offer. Not only students get to prepare for the exam by sitting at home, but they also do not have to incur costs related to travelling. It is one of the best gifts the internet has to offer and Miso Study aims to make the most of it.

The online course by Miso Study provides video lectures and eBooks for students to help them get a fair insight of the core concepts involved in the syllabus. In order to help them practice better, chapter-wise sample papers are also provided in the course. Solving these sample papers and previous year question papers in one of the best way to prepare for JEE Mains online.

These sample papers are available with respect to the 11th and 12th standard mathematics, physics, and chemistry subjects. Along with the questions, answer keys are also provided. In case of utter difficulty, students will also be able to access the video solutions located to the side.

Trust in the ability of Miso Study, and we will not disappoint you.