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About Misostudy

Miso Study India Private Limited is venture company with IT & e-Learning experience of 20 years. Misostudy engaged in the education business sector in India, provides online coaching through its portal website www.misostudy.com. Misostudy is a leading provider of LMS (Learning Management System) based on advanced technologies.

India is changing rapidly and a biggest spot where all countries of the world are interested. Above all, India education infrastructures and schooling population are faster increasing. And equal opportunities of education is improving fast. In addition, internet and online coaching infrastructure is growing faster by digital India of government.

MD of Misostudy, JM Hong saying "We have a lot of interest in Indian education and culture. We want to contribute in India education sector that everyone can easily, anywhere & anytime access its smart learning with quality contents. We will share the e-learning system, smart learning infrastructure and core values with Indian schools, students, and education companies for smart learning India."

In Aug 2016, Miso Study India Private Limited signed the agreement of e-Learning partnership with Career Point Limited of top education company in Kota, Rajasthan. This tie-up has big synergies between Career Point's online coaching courses and Misostudy's LMS technologies. The scope of tie-up will be increased from online coaching to online & offline blended learning. we are very much looking forward to continuing our successful cooperation in the future.

The platform of Misostudy.com supports which are Online Streaming for Windows and Mac O/S, Mobile Online Streaming (Download) for Android and iOS, offline access type of USB Harddisk, Pen drive and SD card external storage video player for Windows and Android. Concept of Misostudy platform is its easily, anytime and anywhere access.

Misostudy.com is online coaching portal that provides intelligent and effective online coaching courses, scientific study materials for boosting confidence, quality faculty of Kota (Rajasthan) and their superior teaching skill focused Board and Entrance Exam of JEE Main, JEE Advanced, NEET (AIPMT/AIIMS), CSE/ICSE, CBSE/State Board. Our students have been showing remarkable performance in Entrance Examinations.

What are the benefits of Misostudy?

Intelligent & perfect courses

The courses is perfect for the students preparing for JEE Main & Advanced, NEET (earlier AIPMT/AIIMS), CBSE, State Boards etc. The course cover all topics which are part of the full syllabus designed by top Kota faculty it's complete courses based on varied patterns with varied difficulty level. The course develops sound understanding of fundamentals & their applications, enhances mental ability & logical thinking, improve skills to solve challenging questions accurately with confidence. Complete Board syllabus and JEE Physics & Chemistry Practical, English/Hindi are also covered for excellent marks in board and JEE & NEET. The teaching methodology is scientific which raises the academic levels of the student multifold.

Top faculty of Kota and Best teaching skill

Misostudy's online coaching faculty are selected with good teaching skill, highly qualified and experienced faculty by tying up with Career Point institute based in Kota, Rajasthan. Our faculty comprises of highly qualified and experienced teachers with outstanding academic record. Most of our faculty members are IITians, NITians and doctors having decade of experience. They all are expert in their subject and committed to the success of our students. Quality faculty and their superior teaching skills is what made Kota what it is today, the proven hub of coaching in India.

Scientific study materials for boosting confidence

Our study material is a highly systematic, comprehensive and relevant Study Material Package and prepared by most experienced faculty of Kota. It intends to provide extensive support in preparation of students for prestigious exam like JEE Main, JEE Advanced of engineering, NEET (AIPMT/AIIMS) of pre-medical, National/International Olympiads, NTSE, KVPY etc. Study material package focuses on boosting confidence of student for facing National level competition by providing qualitative Questions and solutions, Subject-wise and Chapter-wise Question Bank based on latest pattern, in addition to previous year question papers. The content of the study material is deeply researched, developed and designed by experienced top faculty of Kota to keep pace with the changing syllabus and the resulting needs of the students.

Remarkable performance as results

Students have been showing remarkable performance in various exams. In last six years only, Career Point of Misostudy e-Learning partner has produced 2,441 IITians, 2,873 students Qualified in 2016 JEE Advanced, 3,982 Qualified students in 2016 NEET-UG and 1,263 students Eligible for Central counseling

Anytime, anywhere its can be easily access

Students can be access video lecture courses without internet, study on any devices, The best of Misostudy is available wherever you are, by Online Streaming, Downloaded lectures, Offline access video lectures. Bring top faculty in my hand. Misostudy.com is e-Learning portal site for students which provide anytime, anywhere, any faculties, any courses learning, anytime unlimited revision on any device.

Misostudy philosophy 'Provide learning opportunities that anyone can be easily access its no student left behind'. With our philosophy, we think and provide at quality and easy to access education for students, We continuously try to become a global education service leader with India education company by developing new educational services to create a lifelong education and creating an excellent educational environment that effectively on & offline blended resources.


Misostudy is Venture Company that engaged in e-Learning education and LMS (Learning Management System) Technology sector for 20 years. Since 2017, Misostudy started online coaching for Entrance Examination like IIT JEE Main, JEE Advanced, NEET Medical, AIIMS, CBSE 11&12th, Foundation for class 9&10th with top IITian and Doctor faculties having decade of experience in teaching. Misostudy provides best online coaching based on HD quality video lectures, free download question papers, sample papers, ebooks, designed by our top most faculties. The platform of Misostudy.com supports Online Streaming for Windows and Mac O/S, Mobile Online Streaming (Download) for Android and iOS, offline access type USB Harddisk, Pen drive and SD card external storage video player for Windows and Android. Concept of Misostudy platform is to get anytime and anywhere access to study. .  see more

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