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NEET 2024 online courses

  • The courses specially designed courses of Class 11, 12 & 12 pass for NEET. It's a course for the full preparation through chapter-wise easy to understanding Theory and Problem-Solving
  • Study anytime, anywhere via Online Streaming, USB Hard Drive, Pen Drive, SD Card on any Device
  • The Courses contains HD Quality Video Lectures by Experienced Faculty Team, Chapter-wise Theory & Problem-Solving, Chapter-wise eBooks, 24X7 Doubt Clearing and so on
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JEE∙NEET∙CBSE 12/10 Preparation

Online Coaching Classes for NEET Medical & AIIMS

Have you been hunting for a reputed entrance exam coaching institute to prepare for NEET (earlier referred as AIPMT exam)? With the increased popularity of online coaching classes, Miso Study has come up with online coaching classes to prepare for the NEET medical examination. We provide a complete NEET medical exam guide to study looking for assistance. The curriculum covers the latest NEET exam patterns and important topics to excel in the entrance examination. The coaching classes offer specialized coaching for AIIMS preparation as well.

Online NEET Coaching at Misostudy

Taking up the NEET coaching by Miso Study will equip you with the necessary skills that are required for cracking the NEET UG exam (also the AIPMT exam). The NEET 2018 syllabus was declared by the Medical Council of India based on the Class 11th and 12th CBSE syllabi for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. The NEET coaching program includes the curriculum of AIIMS exam as well as the NEET UG exam.

Being specialized in providing customized solutions, our faculty offers test series in accord to the latest AIIMS exam and NEET UG exam for those who have subscribed for online AIIMS coaching and NEET coaching respectively. Miso Study provides the best online coaching for NEET in India in front of your study table using the online mode and correspondence mode. We aim to provide quality NEET coaching online to all our students.

Benefits of Taking Online NEET Preparation at Miso Study

Some of the prominent aspects of our NEET programs that make us special include:

  • Miso Study provides quality coaching online that includesvideo lectures given by the top faculty of India with experience in delivering NEET entrance coaching. These video lectures are well-explained, giving priority to each and every core aspect of the subject. In case of doubts, our NEET online coaching offers exclusive options to students where they get to ask doubts and clear them either by sending emails or by opting the doubt clearing option available on the website. We have received high acclamations for the quality of our online NEET classes.
  • Students are allowed to take up any of the customized NEET programs that available on our website that suits them the best.
  • Our objective-type quizzes are known to add a fun element to the coaching classes.
  • With experienced faculty members providing video lectures and NEET e-books to the students, Miso Study is one of the best in the industry. By paying special attention the previous year paper, our faculty maps out a convenient way of cracking the examinations.
  • We provide a sufficient amount of time for the purpose of self-revision, clearing last-minute doubts, and polishing exam-taking attitude and skills.

Online NEET & AIIMS Coaching Classes Highlights

  • Multiple Course Modules: Miso Study provides courses that focus on big and small course modules. If you wish to take up a course that covers all the three subjects, you will find a course for that purpose. On the other hand, if you wish to enrol only for a Physics course, you have that option as well.
  • Previous Year Papers: Our faculty works strategically to ensure that you crack the examination. We understand that a great way to prepare for NEET exam would be to go through the previous year question papers rigorously. Hence, the tutors strategize and align the syllabus in such a manner that it covers all the recurrent and significant topics. This helps in assessing every student in order to improve the areas that need improvement. This is one of the significant factors that led to the success of Miso Study across India.
  • Experienced Tutors: Another significant factor that contributes to the success of Miso Study is the fact that we connect our students to an extremely reputed faculty. These tutors bring immense exposure and experience to the students. These tutors aren't limited by geographical locations as they can reach you from any corner of the world using these online classes. Such an advantage cannot be achieved with traditional classroom designs.
  • HD Quality Video Lectures: The lectures provided by Miso Study involve video lectures taken by experienced, top-ranking professors. These videos are of HD quality to provide clarity in education. The video lectures can be played in the Miso Study's smart video player, known for offering the best learning experience to students.
  • Doubt Clearing: Miso Study provides a special feature for clearing study related doubts of the students. In case a student has a doubt, he/she can freely ask a question in the Doubt Clearing portal for it to be answered. The students can also access the questions that have been posted previously by other students in the portal. He/she will also have the liberty to browse sort the top questions, important questions, new questions, and questions with video solutions.

NEET & AIIMS Coaching Online Packages Details

Some of the online NEET courses provided by Miso Study include:

  • Complete NEET Medical: This is a rigorous program prepared with NCERT and other reference books to crack the NEET Medical examination. This course provides the perfect preparation for NEET with eBooks and video lectures for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics of the 11th and 12th standard.
  • NEET Biology:If you do not need external help for the preparation of all the three subjects, you can always opt for one. This program is specifically designed for providing video lectures and eBooks of Biology for the 11th and 12th standard for CBSE and NEET.
  • NEET Chemistry: This is yet another small module course that allows a student to access video lectures and eBooks of Chemistry for the 11th and 12th standards to prepare for NEET exam.
  • NEET Physics: This small module program provides video lectures and eBooks of Physics for the 11th and 12th standard students, who wish to crack NEET exam.

Miso Study has the answer for a variety of entrance exams. Check out the Misostudy Home Page for all the details related to these specialized online courses.

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