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Complete NEET Medical

Perfect preparation Video Lectures and eBooks for Physics, Chemistry & Biology of Class 11th & 12th for NEET & CBSE

Stream : NEET
Class : 11th+12th
Subject : PCB (Physics + Chemistry + Biology)
Syllabus : Full syllabus
Faculty : Misostudy
Medium : English
Composition : 1655 video lectures
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Course Features

This course raises the academic levels of the student. High definition visualization techniques. Course prepared with NCERT and other preferred reference books, so this is the perfect study material one requires to ace the NEET Medical & CBSE. Also get online study materials, sample papers and previous exam papers and video solutions free. This course provides NEET questions, NEET syllabus and latest NEET pattern for medical entrance exam.

Our team of expert faculties are selected with good teaching skill, high qualification and experience. They are all expert in their subject and committed to the success of our students. We ensure to provide best results out of all level of students.


  • 1. 1600+ Video Lectures by expert faculty
  • 2. 98 Chapter Wise E-books
  • 3. Doubt Clearing Panel
  • 4. Chapter-wise exam pattern exercise
  • 5. Access on Desktop & Mobile (download also)
  • 6. Misostudy's smart video player

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01   Basic Mathematics eBook Sample
02   Units and Measurement eBook Sample
03   Motion in a Straight Line eBook Sample
04   Motion in a Plane eBook Sample
05   Laws of Motion eBook Sample
06   Work, Energy and Power eBook Sample
07   System of Particles and Rotational Motion eBook Sample
08   Gravitation eBook Sample
09   Properties of Matter eBook Sample
10   Fluid Mechanics eBook Sample
11   Thermal Properties of Matter eBook Sample
12   Thermodynamics eBook Sample
13   Kinetic Theory of Gases eBook Sample
14   Oscillations eBook Sample
15   Waves eBook Sample
16   Electrostatics -I eBook Sample
17   Electrostatics -II eBook Sample
18   Current Electricity eBook Sample
19   Electrodynamics eBook Sample
20   Magnetism and Matter eBook Sample
21   Electromagnetic Induction eBook Sample
22   Alternating Current eBook Sample
23   Electromagnetic Waves eBook Sample
24   Ray Optics And Optical Instruments eBook Sample
25   Wave Optics eBook Sample
26   Modern Physics- I eBook Sample
27   Modern Physics- II eBook Sample
28   Semiconductors eBook Sample