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• Click on “Create Account” button on the upper right side of the page.
• A new page will open with Registration Form. Fill the information and Click on Submit Button.
• A new page will open asking Unique Code.
• A Verification Mail will be sent on registered Email Id with a unique code.
• Enter the Unique Code on Website.
• Your account will be successfully registered. Use the credentials to next time Login on www.misostudy.com.

Login Process

• Click on “Login” button on upper right side of the page.
• Popup will appear.
• Enter the registered ID and Password

Forgot Password

• Click on “Login” button on upper right side of the page.
• Click on Forget Password link in the Popup.
• A new page will open asking Unique Code.
• A Verification Mail will be sent on registered Email Id with a unique code.
• Enter the Unique Code on Website.
• A new page will open asking New Password to enter. Create New Password & Submit.

Change Password

• First Login to your Misostudy Account.
• Go to Account Settings
• Click on Change Password Link in Left Menu.
• A new Page will open.
• Create a New Password & Submit.

Update Profile

• First Login to your Misostudy Account.
• Go to Account Setting.
• Edit the changes you want in you profile information and Submit.

Is it necessary to register for any Purchase?

Yes, to Purchase you have to register at www.misostudy.com

Video Lecture Courses

Which type of Video Lectures are available?

These are recorded Video Lectures of Kota’s best Faculty, these Video Lectures are recorded from Classrooms at Kota.

Which Quality of Video Lectures are available?

Video Lectures are available in 2 Qualities, 360p and 720p. Users can view Lectures in any format they like according to their Internet speed and usage.

Is there any cost for Lecture quality?

No, there is no any extra cost for quality of lectures, all lecture format options will come as you purchase the course.

Video Lectures are available for which courses?

Currently, video lectures are available for JEE Main and Advanced, NEET/ AIPMT/ AIIMS and CBSE Courses.

In which form these Video Lectures are provided?

Video Lectures are provided in:
• Online Streaming for Desktop, Laptop, Mobile & Tablet. (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS)
• Mobile/ Tablet Download for Android, iOS
• USB Hard Disk, Pend rive for Windows Laptop, Desktop and Tablets
• SD Card for Android

What is the Course Validity?

Course Validity depends on the type of Course you purchase and number of lectures available in it, the validity is given on Website Course Page and it will be shown in Status bar after purchase.


Which kind of EBooks are available?

These are Printed books in pdf format for the JEE Main Advanced, NEET/ AIPMT/ AIIMS Courses. These Books include Theory, Questions and Solutions related to chapters of the Subject.

What is the use of these books?

These books help in understanding the concepts of the Chapter from the basics to the Entrance exam level. Also, these books support the Video Lectures of the Courses.


What is Online Streaming Course?

This format is for watching Video Lectures online through internet anytime and anywhere, in this Users login to their account on www.misostudy.com and watch Video Lectures of Courses they had Purchased (in My Class Section).

What is Online Streaming for Mobile?

This format is almost the same as Online Streaming for watching Video Lectures online through internet, but this is specifically for Mobiles and Tablets. In this, there is one more feature of downloading Video Lectures and watching in offline mode at any time and anywhere.

What is USB (Pen Drive/ Hard Disk) Course?

In this format Video Lectures are provided in USB Pen drive/ Hard Disk to watch in Offline mode on Windows Desktop, Laptop and Tablet models supporting Pen Drive/ Hard Disk anytime and anywhere without any internet. Only 1 time internet is required for the first time when used.

What is SD Card Course?

This format is also same as USB Pen drive, in this also 1-time internet is required 1st time. The only difference is in this format is Video Lectures are provided in SD Card (Memory Card) for Android Mobiles and Tablets.

What are the Specifications to use the products Online Streaming, USB, SD Card?

Specifications are as below:
• In Case of Online Streaming, will be supported in MAC / Windows 7 & above it will play only on Star Player which you need to download/install only once when you play video for the first time.
• In Case of USB, will be supported in MAC / Windows 7 & above it will play only on Star Player which you need to download/install only once when you play video for the first time.
• In Case of Mobile will be supported in iOS / Android 4.2 & above it will play only on Star Player which you need to download only once when you play video for the first time.
• In Case of SD cards will be supported in Android 4.2 & above it will play only on Star Player which you need to install only once when you play video for the first time.

How to use these products?

Follow the steps as marked in the manual available on wwww.misostudy.com website as well as in package you receive. If it is still not working: call us on 8929803804 or email us at support@misostudy.com

What is the difference between Streaming and Downloading?

Streaming is played online just like you watch YouTube but this will be in Star Player App. Downloading is the process to download video lectures in your memory card or Phone memory and pen drive (by OTG cable), and after downloading the video lectures, no internet connection is required to play.

Free Trial

What is Free Trial?

Free Trial is like a Demo Lecture available in Courses. It is provided to students to check the Lecture Quality, Teaching Style of Faculty etc. so that students will be satisfied after they purchase the course.

How to use Free Trial?

To use Free Trail, just use the following simple steps:
• First Login with your account.
• Open the course page for which you want free trial.
• Scroll Down to Course Syllabus.
• You will see some demo videos on top, demo is given for each subject.
• Click and Play the Lectures.

For how many days Free Trial is Valid?

You can check Free Trial anytime on courses, sometimes we update the videos, you might see some new videos replaced with old.

Is there any limit to watch number of Lectures as Free Trial?

No, you can watch available demo videos any number of times according to their availability on website.

Is there any compulsion to purchase after using Free Trial?

No, there is no compulsion, you can use Free Trial without any purchase condition.


How to Order from misostudy.com?

Follow the simple Steps:
• Login with your Account at www.misostudy.com
• Open the Course Page you want to buy.
• Click on Buy Now button
• You will be redirected to Cart Page.
• Apply the coupon if you have any.
• Click on Proceed to Payment.
• Enter the Billing and Shipping Address details and click Continue.
• Review / Check your order items and click Continue.
• Select the Payment Option and enter details, then click Make Payment.

Can I use different Billing and Shipping Address?

Yes, you can use your any Billing Address and provide different Shipping Address where the product is to be delivered.

In how much time I will receive my Order?

You will receive Order in 7 to 10 Working Days from the day of Order Confirmation after Payment completion.

Price & Payments

What if I had placed an Order and next day the price of that Order is reduced?

Unfortunately, nothing can be done about it. The prices and Offers are subject to change according to company policy. Miso study holds the right to change the prices and offers at any time.

Is there any additional Tax on the prices shown on website?

No, the prices shown on website are inclusive of all Taxes.

In how many ways I can make payment for any Purchase?

There are payment options available to you as below?
• Credit/ Debit Card
• Net Banking
• Cash/ Cheque deposit in Bank
• Wallet Payment.
• Cash Cards
• Mobile Payment

How do I deposit Cash/ Cheque in Bank?

To deposit Cash/ Cheque in Bank you simply have to go to the nearest Branch of ICICI Bank and make payment in the following Bank account details:
Bank Name: ICICI Bank
Account Number: 103705000420
Account Holder Name: Miso Study India Pvt. Ltd.
IFSC Code: ICIC0001037

Is there any EMI Option available for payment?

Yes, there is EMI option on purchase of more than `3,000/-. The list of banks providing EMI option and their Interest rates is given on the Course Page under EMI Options.

After Deposit amount in Bank, in how much time my course will be activated?

After Payment confirmation in Miso Study’s Bank Account, your course will be activated in 12 Hours.

How secure is the Payment which I make through your website?

We are using the most trusted Payment Gateway i.e. CC Avenue. It is one of the best Payment gateways that takes every care of Payment Security through Website.

Shipping & Delivery

In which areas Miso Study Provides shipping of its products?

Miso Study Provides shipping of products anywhere in All India, we do not provide shipping service outside India orders.

Users from outside India cannot order from Misostudy.com?

Users from Outside India can make Orders for USB, SD Cards and DVD but they have to provide Shipping Address of India only.

What if the Outside India users do not have any Shipping Address of India?

In this case, they can order only VOD, Mobile Courses and Online Test Series etc which do not need any shipping of Physical products. Outside India only acceptable for non-physical products.

In how much time I will receive my Order?

You will receive Order in 7 to 10 Working Days from the day of Order Confirmation after Payment completion.

Can I Track my order of Physical Products sent to my Address?

Yes, after shipping of Products you will receive an email on your registered email id and message on your mobile no. you provided in shipping address with Tracking Number of Courier with Courier company name. You can Track the order from Courier Company’s official website.

Returns & Refunds

What is the Return Policy?

There is no Return Policy for products sold through Misostudy.com. Once the product is purchased it cannot be refunded.

What if the product is Damaged or not working?

We are absolutely confident about the products we offer and dispatch to our customers. So, the chances of you getting a damaged one are very less. But just in case it happens, you can always get in touch with customer care via mail or call us on our number.

Is there any extra cost for the replacement of Product?

No, if the product is damaged or not working, it will be replaced free of cost.

Is there any time limit for complaining against damaged Products?

Yes, after receiving the product, kindly check the product properly. You can complain against damaged product within 10 days of Order after receiving.

What if I had made a duplicate order?

In this case, you can return 1 of the two similar products purchased, within 7 to 10 working days after receiving the product, before returning you have to inform to Miso Study staff and get the approval of return by mail.

What if I want to replace my course with another course?

In this case, you need to return the course within 5 to 7 working days from receiving. Before replacing you have to receive approval by Email from Miso Study Staff. After receiving the return (in case of physical products), Miso Study will check the product condition and provide approval accordingly.

How is the difference amount adjusted in case of Replacement?

In case if replaced product, price is higher, than you need to pay the remaining difference amount. But if the replaced product price is lower than previous product there will be no refund provided.

If I had purchased a product in Offer and now I want to replace it and the offer is removed than what will be the difference amount?

Unfortunately, nothing can be done about it. If the Offer is removed from website, than you had to pay the difference amount according to the price available on website. You will not be allowed for same offer again.

Misostudy is venture company that engaged in e-Learning education and LMS(Learning Management System) Technologies sectors for 20 years. Since 2017, Misostudy started online coaching for Entrance Examination like IIT JEE Main, JEE Advanced, NEET exam, Foundation for class 9 & 10 and CBSE board exam with Career Point Kota. Misostudy provide best online coaching based on quality video lectures, online test, best books, study materials free download designed by top most faculties of Kota coaching and (VOD streaming, Mobile download, Pen drive) Smart learning player by advanced Technologies. No student left behind! Misostudy will sharing the e-learning system, smart learning infrastructure and core values with Indian schools, students, and education companies for smart learning India.  see more