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Plz solve the question.

A narrow, U-shaped glass tube with open ends is filled with 25.0 cm of oil (of specific graity 0.80) and 25.0 cm of water on opposite sides, with a barrier separating the liquids (Fig. below)

(a)  Assume that the two liquids do not mix, and find the final heights of the column s of liquid in each side of the tube after the barrier is removed.
(b)  For the following cases, arrieve at your answer by simpel physical reasoning, not by calculations :
(i)  What would be the heigh on each side if the oil and water had equal densities?
(ii) What would the heights be it the oil's density were much less than that of water?

Asked By Alamanchili Yudhi Vishnu Bhargav

Updated Tue, 21 Aug 2018 12:46 pm

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