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Determine Carbocation Stability :

Asked by Viccky Jaiswal

Updated 4 months ago


Hi, the concerned order mentioned here corresponds to the stability order of cations and not carbanions. The same has been explained in the video also. As per the options given, more the - I effect of the group attached, more unstable the cation will be. 

(b) > (c) > (a) Instability order of Cation

(a) > (c) > (b) Stability order of Cation.

If, instead of carbocation, carbanion would have been there, the order would have been reversed. This is because, more the -I effect of the group attached, more the dispersal of negative charge throughout the molecule.

(b) > (c) > (a) Stability order of Carbanion

(a) > (c) > (b) Instability order of Carbanion. 


Updated 4 months ago


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