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Tips for Entrance Exam

Tips to prepare for Entrance Exams


IIT JEE Main Advanced, NEET/ AIPMT/ AIIMS Entrance Exams

  • Practice is the key - 70% of JEE and NEET preparation is practice. Make your concepts stronger in each chapter. Learn from the best faculty of Kota through Misostudy's Video Lectures.
  • Clear all your doubts.
  • Study from the best sources - NCERT and recommended books are the minimum resources you need. Misostudy offers the best study material for JEE Main Advanced and NEET/AIPMT from the best faculties of Kota to help you prepare better.
  • Give Tests: Give timed tests in a complete real exam like environment to improve your efficiency of attempting questions.
  • Practice Previous Year Papers: Practice papers of previous years to improve your score and check your level. Download free previous year papers of JEE Mains, JEE Advanced and NEET/AIPMT from
  • Prepare in smart way: Make separate sheets for formulas and theorem that can help you a lot while solving numerical in Physics and Mathematics.
  • Revise: Make sure you revise every topic thoroughly and prepare well every topic by revising time and again. Also, prepare separate revision plan for last minute preparation.
  • Time Management: Manage proper time schedule for every task that you do can lead you to success. Prepare along with all daily tasks such as exercise, play and every other task by managing the time.
  • Diet & food: Maintain a completely healthy diet including fresh fruits and vegetables. Try to ignore oily stuff and have a proper balanced diet.
  • Positivity: Always try to be positive towards every work that you do and be focused towards all your activities along with studies. Being optimistic works very well many a times in such situations.
  • Believe in yourself: Self-belief is most important as it generates a lot of positivity and gives boost to your confidence.

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