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CBSE Term2 Class 10, 12 Board Exams 2022 Preparation Tips

Published 1 month ago

CBSE 2022 Term 2 Exams for Class 10 and Class 12 are starting from 26th April 2022. Thus, students have now only a few weeks to prepare for their exams. CBSE Term 2 Exam will be conducted in the subjective pattern. There are some subjects in both classes 10th and 12th, in which students can get full marks.

We have listed here all the top scoring subjects in class 10 and class 12. All the students who are going to appear in the CBSE Term 2 Exams 2022 must be aware of these subjects in which they just need to be well prepared for scoring above full marks. Read below to know the top scoring subjects and important preparation tips for them.

CBSE Class 10 Top Scoring Subjects in Term 2 Exam

If talk about the top scoring subjects in CBSE Class 10, then Maths is at the top position followed by Science and then English. In these three subjects, students can gain full marks even in subjective type papers. In Class 10 Maths and Science, examiners only look for the correct logic and concepts. So, if you have written the correct answer followed by the appropriate steps, then you are sure to get full marks in that particular question.

CBSE Class 12 Top Scoring Subjects in Term 2 Exam

In Class 12, the top scoring subjects are Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics and English. In all these subjects, a teacher just wants correct and to-the-point answers to give you the full marks. All these subjects are concept and logic based. So, there is little room for error in these subjects. 

Important preparation tips to score full marks in CBSE Term 2 Exam 2022

Through sample papers, students would not only understand the exam pattern but also learn the art of time management.

2. Follow the step-wise method to answer questions
Step-wise method of answering is very important in all the concept based subjects like Maths, Science, English, etc. Follow the CBSE Marking Scheme 2022 (released with sample papers) to understand how to proceed with an answer in a step-wise manner.

3. Never leave any question unattempted
Try to attempt all questions even if you find any question beyond your understanding or find it unknown. Write whatever you know related to that topic be it the definition, formula or derivation. 

4. Write short and to the point answers
Try to keep your answers short and concise. Use more information and fewer words. Do not write more than sufficient because then your answer would result in a paragraph, making it difficult for the examiner to award marks.

In last, we suggest you to revise whatever you have studied and say no to anything new. Solve sample papers, practice papers and questions based on the latest pattern to strengthen your concepts. 

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