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Common Mistakes Done While Preparing for JEE 2019

Published 5 years ago

Gearing up for the admission in an IIT? Started your preparation with all the study material and the coaching? Well done. But, improper study methods or wrong strategies can easily hamper your progress which will eventually increase your stress level and affect your final score.

For the smooth preparations for your IIT JEE 2019, we at Misostudy have listed down the most common mistakes that you should avoid during your preparation. Here you go!

**Never Give up Before Trying

A lot of students tend to give up looking at the vast and tough syllabus. But if you want to study in an IIT, you should be ready for some tough course and hard work. This is just a first step towards it. So never give up before giving it your best shot.

** Avoid Mugging Up the Concepts

This is not just for IIT JEE but for every study course or exam you take in life. If you are finding any concept difficult to understand, take help from the faculty at college/coaching/online courses/friends, focus on your basics and don’t leave the topic without understanding it clearly. Mugging up might be useful in the short term but it will certainly not help in the long run.

** Don’t Refer to A lot Of Books

We understand that just one book is not enough while preparing for IIT JEE. But as they say, too many cooks spoil the broth. Similarly, too many books will only add to the confusion and completing syllabus on time will look like an impossible task. So, if you are aiming to crack JEE 2019, rely on NCERT books and the study material/videos provided in engineering/online coaching.

**Never Take Class XI Syllabus Lightly

Taking class XI syllabus lightly or skipping chapters may cost you big because the syllabus of IIT JEE is similar to class XI. The later-half in Class 11th textbook is of prime importance because a majority of questions asked are from the same. The syllabus might seem very vast to you, but skipping any part of it is highly not recommended.

**Don’t leave out the Numerical Questions

As soon as we read a chapter for 2 or 3 times, we consider it as finished. Theory does play an important role in determining your score, but you really can’t avoid numerical questions. Unless you have answered all the numerical questions, don’t declare a chapter as a finished one. The skill and ability to solve numerical questions will be of tremendous help in cracking IIT JEE 2019.

**Never Become a Bookworm

Everyone knows that JEE preparation does call for a lot of hard work and perseverance, but it should not come at the cost of dulling or depressing your mind and body. It is recommended that you take some time out to for activities you like doing which would refresh your mind. You can watch TV, play your favourite sport, chill out with friends or just relax. If done in moderation, this will help you focus more when you study.

**Don’t Ignore Your Health

The last thing you want is to fall sick during the preparations, which will result in losing the valuable preparation time. Though the natural illness can’t be avoided, make sure that you don’t burden yourself with so much studies that it starts taking a toll on your health. Eat your meals properly, take proper breaks and do some sort of exercise daily for a while.

**Avoid Keeping Revision for the Last Moment

If you have a habit of finishing the entire syllabus first and start with the revision later, then it’s time to change that. Revision should never be kept for the last moment. A better option is revising every day. This practice not only gives you a strong hold on the concepts but also helps you learn, remember and recollect better.

**Don’t Be Overconfident

There is a thin line between confidence and overconfidence. Though some confidence is always good, overconfidence might be a roadblock between you cracking the IIT JEE 2019. Always revise the chapters and concepts from time to time and never underestimate your competition. Even if you are scoring well in tests and mock exams, don’t become overconfident. It is hard to predict how the questions will be set and the performance in mock tests doesn’t guarantee a good score in the exam as well.

** Never Compare Your Progress

We often have a habit of comparing our progress with others. We should understand that everyone has a different learning pace, different strengths and different weaknesses. If we spend our precious time comparing ourselves with others, we’ll never get anything accomplished. This will only result us losing focus from the ultimate aim of cracking the IIT JEE 2019

A great combination of time, patience, self-belief and hard work will surely help you crack JEE 2019. All the best!


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