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Golden Tips for Biology, Chemistry and Physics for NEET 2019

Published 5 years ago

This is the first year the National Testing Agency (NTA) will be conducting this exam. Till 2018, NEET was conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The NTA has experience in conducting large-scale competitive exams like the Joint Entrance Exam, JEE Main as well as others like the UGC-NET.

The NEET is a 3-hour long exam which includes subjects Physics, Chemistry and Biology of the total 180 questions, 90 would be from Biology and 45 each from Physics and Chemistry. Preparation syllabus includes the whole of 11th and 12th standard NCERT textbooks in the respective subjects.

To prepare for NEET, it is not enough to study and solve problems in Physics, Chemistry and Biology alone. You will have to build a strong and strategic preparation plan. Following are some points to help you prepare better:
1. Practice NEET previous year papers
It would be best to start by practicing the latest paper first attempt the 2018 paper first, followed by 2017, 2016 and so on. This is because, the NEET patterns have been changing over the years, and the last 5 years’ papers will give a good understanding of what to expect.

2. Plan your own ‘study strategy’
Based on your understanding of the previous years’ papers, you will be able to figure out the chapters/units that tend to be more commonly asked across all subjects. Make a note of these and keep revising them. Make sure you get your NCERT basics right, especially for those topics. For instance, Genetics and Evolution is one of the most important units for NEET from the point of view of Biology. Topics of similar importance in Physics would be Kinematics, Electricity, & Magnetism and in Chemistry, it would be Chemical Bonding, States of Matter, Coordination Chemistry, & General Organic Chemistry. If you are thoroughly prepared for such chapters, you stand a chance to score higher.

3. Tips for Biology
Remember that there would 90 questions in biology, twice of Physics and Chemistry. Below are effective approach to follow while answering questions in Biology:-
1. You know the answer for sure – Great! You have added 4 marks
2. You are totally blank – Do not attempt it. Why would you want to take a chance with a one in four-probability (25% chance) of getting it right?!
3. You know something about the answer but aren’t sure – This can be a very common scenario during a biology multiple choice exam. In such a case, read the question VERY clearly, and start by eliminating the most unlikely options among the four, and keep doing this until you are left with one or in an ideal scenario, do not attempt it as the risk is just not worth it.

4. Tips for Chemistry and Physics
Make sure you target the usual suspects first – Atomic Structure and Thermodynamics. Why these topics? Atomic Structure was a topic covered in 11th standard in Chemistry and is repeated as Atoms and Nuclei chapter at the end of 12th standard in Physics.
Thermodynamics is another topic that is covered under both Chemistry and Physics but in a slightly different way. Be very careful about sign convention of work. The convention used in Chemistry is the opposite of that in Physics. A lot of students get confused by this. How to sort this out? Make a cheat sheet during preparation. This would be helpful in all numerical based questions throughout these subjects.
Other chapters that have a high ROI are Semiconductors, Current Electricity, Communication Systems, and Dual Nature of Matter in Physics. This means that you need to spend more time on these as there are sure shot questions every year from these chapters. The States of Matter, Chemistry in Everyday Life and Polymers are similar topics to be covered under Chemistry.

Revise the formulae and important equations (including named reactions of organic and inorganic chemistry) of at least two chapters daily.

5. Time is everything, so are the NCERT books.
Make sure to get the NCERT basics right and cover the Exemplar questions which will help you to understand the nature of questions being asked in the exam.

(form: indianexpress.com)


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