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How to Improve Speed to Score 600+ in NEET 2021

Published 1 week ago

The NEET 2021 entrance exam is scheduled to be held on August 1. Since the National Testing Agency (NTA) is yet to release the application form, there are speculations that the medical entrance can be postponed. Several students have also demanded that NEET 2021 should be held in October.

With uncertainty around exam dates, students need to retain their focus. NEET aspirants need to prepare not only for the exam but also focus on speed and accuracy while attempting it. With 180 questions to be solved in 180 minutes, NEET is also a test of speed.

How to Improve Speed: It is important to concentrate on calculation speed and reading speed in addition to accuracy. Students should give 5-10 test papers and average out their scores. If the number is more than 600, they should complete JEE Mains previous year’s chapter-wise book in physics and chemistry. If their score is less than 600, then they should revise the notes, videos, and lectures from wherever they have studied.

Rather than taking up new topics, at this time, students should revise properly and make short notes. Students can also get short notes available in the market. Students have to repeat the process until they start scoring average marks above 600.

NCERT is the key: It is not wise to specify topics or sub-topics to prepare for NEET. Ideally, students should complete the NCERT book at least 2-3 times. NCERT books are very important, and if a student has not studied these books till now, they should start with it soon. Teachers always recommend NCERT, but many students do not take it seriously. Students will get almost 98 per cent to 99 per cent of paper from NCERT, especially biology and chemistry. With every revision, students will realize that their speed to attempt the exam has also improved.

Change perception to beat stress: Students should not get stressed but should feel privileged that they are getting more time to prepare. To beat the stress, students can stop reading COVID-related news.

Taking 2-3 tests a week and holding regular discussions is a must. It will boost speed and confidence. Students can select a weak topic and get questions around it. This will help them prepare better and in-depth. Preparing from detailed subject-wise question banks can help students make use of the extra time.

If a student finds they need more preparation, they can also pursue a 2-3 months short-term course. If the time is extended for NEET, students can consider these short-term courses or enroll for a mock test nation-level series. Students should remember that this is not the time to rest as they need to study every day. Suppose the exam timing is 9:30 am to 12:30 pm, then the student should study at this time of duration every day so that their mind is scheduled to perform best at that time. We do not suggest that students wake up late in the morning.

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