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Preparation tips for Chemistry JEE Main 2020

Published 3 weeks ago

Due to the pandemic this year, the second attempt of JEE Mains 2020 is now scheduled for September 1-6. The admit cards are to be released by August 15. If you are a JEE Main 2020 aspirant, you have now gained about two months of extended time to prepare for the exam. Therefore following the right tips and tricks during this crucial time of preparation could lead to success.

Chemistry is the most scoring subjects between the three sections of the paper. That is also why many students tend to take it lightly. Below are a few pointers to remember when studying for JEE Mains.

Focus on Organic Chemistry and reactions

The key to scoring well in this subject is knowing organic chemistry well. All topics in organic chemistry are important; however, not all of them are hard. To score well here, you should understand the different concepts that are critical to solving numerical reactions that appear in the paper.

Like all the subject, Chemistry also has a very vast portion. Prioritise your study timetable based on weightage and importance of each chapter.

Important Chapters in Chemistry:

 Chemical Bonding
* Periodic table
* Carbonyl Compounds and their derivatives
* Redox reactions, Mole Concept and the concept of equivalents
* Solid-state, solutions and gases theory
* Thermochemistry and the Second Law of Thermodynamics

Some topics are important and easy! Don’t miss your revisions for these topics!
Chapters that are easy to score:
* Mole concept
* Coordination chemistry
* Alcohols, phenols, and ethers
* P-block elements
Chapters that are tricky but important to understand:
* Transition Element and Coordination Chemistry – 3 questions are asked each year on an average in JEE
* Periodic Table and Representative Elements – 3 questions are asked each year on an average in JEE

Answer a mock test every day

The key to cracking JEE is solving as many mock tests and previous year papers. Answering mock tests will show you where you stand and which topic needs more revision. To get a better hang of answering exams in the online format, consider taking these mock tests. Not only will you get accustomed to solving questions in an exam like environment, but these mock tests will also tell you where you stand at a national level.
Final revision and question answering tactics for the exam:
* No new concepts should be learned during the last revision.
* Make use of only short notes prepared by you or trusted sources for revision in the few weeks before the exam.
* A day before the exam, sleep adequately and revise only very important topics.
* During the exam, one should make sure there is no extra burden of revision on you, let the mind be calm but confident and content.
* Let your mind be calm but confident and satisfied with your preparation.
* Focus on easy questions first [ ~ 50-60% of the whole question paper], then moderate [25-35%] and at last the tough questions [15-25%]
* Also, make sure you fill the OMR sheet very carefully without any lag as the whole effort is judged based on the sheet. 

Continue answering at least ne mock test every day to remain focussed before the exam.

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