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Tips for parents to help your child study effectively

Published 6 years ago

We live in a world where competition is becoming hard each day. In India it becomes very difficult for students to pass in the exams and secure seats in top engineering and medical colleges. That’s why exam season is becoming a really daunting time for students. As a parents you may also be feeling under pressure. You want them to be able to do their best and put the effort in. At this stage students are under tremendous pressure. They need your support and advice. Imagine if you’re worried about your child’s exams and the marks they might get, imagine how overwhelming it might be for them. As a parent you should really help your children this time to manage their stress and anxiety levels.

* Time management
- In these days for success in exams effective time management is very important. They have to manage many things school, homework and exams to tuition's. That’s why time Management is the biggest problem student’s face during this time. As a responsible parent, you can help them to build a useful plan to help them efficiently utilize their time.

* Emotional support
- Apart from anything what they need more is emotional support. They may feel that you are always with them in any situation. Just letting they know that you’re there to help if they need you. Let them know that you’re supportive. If they do come to you and tell you that they’re struggling with any problem. Help them and give confidence you are always with them. It can help them to reduce their stress levels. They will get energized.

* what to speak and what not speak
- Every child is unique. So you should never compare your child with others. If your child is not able to score high in a particular subject, there could be a possibility that they will be excellent in something else. Marks are not the only criterion of success in life and you should help them in identifying their strength areas. Helping them identify their strengths, interests, and reinforcing their self-esteem and self-confidence is the most important and sensible way of nurturing your child. See that your day to day conversations do not indicate that you respect only success. Stay in touch with their teachers. Take feedback from them about his/her performance. And speak with him without any noise. Be calm and supportive.

* Food
- Ensure they take regular breaks, eat healthy snacks and exercise. Encourage them to join family meals, even if it’s a busy revision day – get away from the books for a while. Have plenty of healthy snacks in the fridge. Make sure your children’s starts the day on a good breakfast.

* They should feel relaxed

-  Give them some time off from study, as they need to switch off sometimes. Enjoy quality time together as a family but also let them spend time with their friends or doing things they enjoy, without making them feel guilty for not studying. Make sure they eat healthily and go to sleep at a reasonable time. Let your child go out and play.

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