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Newton's Third Law | Physics | IIT-JEE | NEET | CBSE
Newton's Third Law | Physics | IIT-JEE | NEET | CBSE

Published on 31, Jan 2018

This lecture will give us an understanding of the application of Newton's third law in different cases. We will see how Newton's Third Law helps us to understand the direction of forces acting on an object. Newton's Third Law from Laws of Motion, Physics online video lecture for IIT-JEE, NEET Medical and CBSE students coaching by the best faculty in India. We will discuss here about topics of physics chapter Laws of Motion: applications of newton's 3rd law- rowing of a boat, walking on road, blocks in contact,kicking a ball, Case: the horse and cart,equilibrium of objects- linear equilibrium, rotational equilibrium Get latest video lectures of Physics, online coaching for JEE Main Advanced, NEET medical (AIPMT, AIIMS) and CBSE students, also get online study materials, coaching, doubt clearing sessions, test papers, solutions etc at , email- or call us at 8929 803 804 for any query or doubt related questions for IIT-JEE | NEET | CBSE Preparation.


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